My Big Sister

When i was in kindergarten, my older sister (7 years older) used to babysit me even when my mom was at home just so mom could have some free time. My sister used to tickle me until I wet my pants and then she would take me to our mom and show her that I was wet and ask if she should put me in a diaper. Mom always agreed and, believing it to be a reversal of my toilet training or something, began diapering me as a preventative measure...of course with my sister in charge. She and her friends used to tickle me often and treat me as their real-life baby-doll after that.
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Well today Jenny put a diaper and plastic pants on me. Then I pulled my Lacey panties up. I put on a short white netted petticoat and light blue printed skirt over everything. She handed me my silicone filled 36 C bra and a white rayon blouse. She fixed my face up and added bright red lipstick. She drove me toa convenience store. Made me go inside and get her some cigarettes. Then off we went to Cindy's house. They both took turns spanking me till I was crying and peeing in my pants. They made me wear the wet diaper the rest of the day. We finally went home, Jenny had me take the dress and slip off, she gave me a baby doll nighty to put on, had me **** myself in front of her. She tied me to a chair and gagged me with a rubber pen is. Jenny just went out the door saying, "I'm going out to get a real man, you can set there and just pee yourself some more. You can even play with yourself too. I don't care." "Maybe I will change you when I get home, Not!" So here I am writing to let you know what it like sissy.