Once people discover that I am, they usually cant stop trying to get pokes in or using it to stop me from doing something they don't want me to do.
It's so bad that I whip my body and make weird noises, which is probably why people get so much amusement out of it. If someone does it for more then I few seconds I will startĀ holleringĀ like an ape and flailing all over the place.
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True, besides its fun to abuse people by tickling them lol XD

Wow! Yeah Caleb, when two or three people gang up and
tickle me I start doing this hoooowling laugh, like a dog or
wolf, and whoever is tickling me loves it!
That's what my tickle maniac friends try for, to get me so
hysterical I make that noise. Does tickling make you horny,
though? It does me, even though I'm going nuts my peepee
stands up stiff and sometimes even *******.

No, it doesnt make me horny.

my little brother has the same reaction :)

Oh my god... Tht is HILARIOUS!!!! There is one gurl in my school who takes advantage of my ticklishness! I hate it and luv it

I am very ticklish also.... :P people take advantage when they know where i am the most ticklish :D

and where would that be?

hmm well thats above my stomach close to my ribs :D