I Think I Am Ticklish

I have written about this before, but I really need help to see what the real deal is. I want a Lady to help me in this. I will respect your boundries. To me, NO means No, unless you have told me otherwise. I do not know if I an ticklish. My family never tickled. Im a virgin at 44. I have never had a girlfriend and, frankly, have only recently ***********.

Is there a lady out there willing to show the ropes to me and allow me to learn how to please her, perhaps even allow me to get her to ******. I would like to be tickled. I want to see what this is like.

I did buy and try a vibrator. New sensations, but something is missing. I also bought a sonic care toothbrush. Now, I understand one can't tickle himself, but, wow. My abdominal reflexes were very active, with pulling away.
I really want to learn. I am an RN and am familiar with anatomy and physiology andc what 'is supposed to occur.'

Will somebody like to meet with me? Please?
kb3wqi kb3wqi
46-50, M
May 13, 2012