I am SOSOSOSOSO ticklish. It's one of those things that I fantasize about (being restrained and having the crap tickled out of me) but then when I'm being tickled it's the most torturous thing! Granted, I've never really been held/tied down and tickled. I am ticklish EVERYWHERE, and the kids I babysit think it's hilarious. I am one of those people who is able to tickle themselves- that's how ticklish I am! D: My neck, underarms, sides, tummy, ribs, legs, feet, toes, back, even my hands and arms are ticklish! The thought of my boyfriend or anyone else tickling me gives me those deep butterflies in my stomach because of the loss of control caused by being tickled! I was never tickled much as a kid, because it made me angry (haha) and now that I'm older I'm super ticklish and unexperienced with being tickled. I don't know if any of this makes any sense at all, but it's me :) you guys are great! <3
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i am ridiculously excruciatingly ticklish and I hate. To me tickling i find the worse things that could happen to me. And if im in a really bad mood i recommend nobody should tickle me cause im already mad enough and then when people tickle me it ****** me off even more. Tickling me is not allowed but, that doesnt mean it does happen!! I laugh my butt off!!!!! usually I laugh before it even happens. HATE TICKLING!
-drake <3


I can tickle my own feet thtz how ticklish I am and it's the same reason why u can't scratch my feet in school :'(

Very hot! Add plz?

id love to tickle u dani :P x

Being tickled is indeed a love/hate, pleasure/torture and fun/scary kind of fetish.<br />
The thrill of being held or tied down while someone exploits one of your greatest weaknesses is enough to drive a person crazy just thinking about it let alone experiencing it. The sensations from being tickled are also really varied depending on who is ticking you, where they are tickling you, your mood and how much control you do or don't have over the situation you're in. It's definitely one of the most exciting things to engage in...

I would have butterflies to. I know it would be worth it, so to speak. LOL