My Babysitter

I remember one babysitter I had when I was a kid, she would always play tickle games with me, every night when my parents and sisters were out she would sit on the couch with her midriff top and short jeans. i knew she enjoyed tickling, although I never dared tickle her myself as she was several heads taller than me, I came to love it when she came up behind me and poked and tickled by sides at random times, I enjoyed it, I always wore belly exposing tops, even when I was little, I would wear t-shirts that ended above my navel on purpose. She had this rule that if she could belly, she would tickle it, so I used this to my advantage.

One day I was teasing her playfully and being the nice person that she is she didn't get upset, she just picked me up and lay me on my back, my shirt was forced up over my belly as I slid across the carpet, she began to tickle me harder than I have ever been tickled before, I remember feeling a tingly feeling in my undies as well while giggling, tears streamed down my face. She was enjoying herself so much but she could see my tears so she stopped.
I jumped up with a devious grin and ran round her and began to tickle her sides, I put my hands up her shirt and felt her smooth skin tense as my fingers tickled her, from her belly to her ribs. She was about twenty years old at the time and looked so very pretty I cannot describe her. Her eyes were sea blue and her skin snow white.

This is when I knew she was enjoying the tickling, until she spun around and pinned my to the floor, with both knees on my legs trapped under her weight. She began to tickle up my legs and scratch my knees lightly with her fingers, this was probably my second most ticklish spot, the knees - I couldn't handle it, I giggled so hard and I began to feel weak around my panties, she moved her hands upwards towards my thighs, I giggled harder, she tickled my vagina and I squealed - my MOST ticklish spot.
By this time I had wet myself, but I kept on giggling even after she stopped and apologized, I told her it was okay, and that I enjoyed it, she smiled, "I can see that" she said leaning into my belly and giving it a kiss that I wont forget, one that tickled so much I cummed for the first time, only thirteen years old, I think she thought I'd wet myself again, and told me to go have a shower before my parents got home, but I refused, hoping her to tickle my again, and she did, she ripped my pants off and blew kisses on my belly until I gave in.

Best babysitter ever. I miss her I really do.
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I'd babysit you, dear. and tickle you for hours!

wish my babysitters would have blown raspberries on my belly!

When I was a little boy I had a babysitter named Linda who loved tickling but she wasn't a tickler she enjoyed being tickled. I was quite a mischevious kid and so to keep me from getting into trouble she'd let me tickle her whever she sat for me and my siblings. None of my brothers or sisters, who were all younger than me, were into tickling but I was a little tickle monster and took advantage of Linda every time she sat for us. Her feet were insanely ticklish but her underarms and hips were also crazy ticklish. A few times she let me tie her up and the results even at that young age were quite intense for me. Tickling a woman like this sent sensations though my body that I didn't quite understand but i knew they felt incredibly exciting and good. I also would sometimes catch her lying on the couch and I'd tuck the blanket covering her under the couch cushions tightly to mummify her and then sit on her legs and tickle her feet until she was out of her mind and hysterical. Thanks for jogging my memory about my ticklish babysitter experiences!

* I meant to write "if she could see my belly, she would tickle it" i missed that bit out, sorry.