My Boyfriend Loves To Tickle Me !

My boyfriend was gone to France for a few weeks, and I missed him really bad, so this is what happened last weekend.
*My P.O.V.*
He walkes downstairs and you drop everything youre doing and run and see him. You haven't seen him in such a long time. You wrap your arms around his neck and he secures his hands around your waist, hugging you back tighter. You stand there in silence for a long while then he whispers ' I missed you so much, I love you'. You started giggling and say ' I love you too'. He picks you up, spins you around and then puts you back down. He then makes you close my eyes and pulled out a giant teddy bear and gives it to you. He's such a sweetheart (Have noo idea how he fit that on the plane though haha) When you open it, you fall in love with it and he winks and says
' Its almost bigger than you ! ( Im 4'10 and 106 pounds and I'm it was almost bigger than me! )
You take his hand and walk over to the huge movie shelf. You tell him to choose a movie but instead he wraps his arms around your waist and begins nuzzling your neck.
' I don't care, I wont be watching the movie anyways, I'll be watching you' He says. He then begins kissing your neck so you laugh and select something random and run back to the cough. You curl up on the couch and he wraps his arms around your waist for security. He begins stroking your cheek and lifts your chin and begins kissing you. You try to watch the movie, but he seems to keep wanting to distract you. He kisses your neck then slowly makes his way to your jaw and up to your cheek and your lips and down the other side. You giggle as he does this and he says;
'What? Am I...DISTRACTING you?' in a teasing way. you realize he's teasing you and you reply shakily;
Noo, not at all.' He smirks... 'Reaallyy? Well then' He kisses your neck harder and faster with little kisses and then wraps his arms tight around your waist rubbing your shoulders down to your back and your tummy/sides softly making you squeal and kissing your back and you begin giggling like crazy and say; Okay !! Okay you're distracting me ! ' He replies ,' Good.' and winks. He wraps his arms around your waist and slides his hands into your sweater pockets, you shudder and he notices. His fingers begin spider-crawling up your tummy and you burst out laughing, giggling so hard ! ' Holy someone's ticklish, I didn't even do anything, he mean this?' As he pokes your tummy repeatedly you laugh really hard and say; No !! Im ti-ti-ticklish ! Ahaha ! 'i know youre ticklish' he replies. And locks his strong arms around your stomach tickling your belly like crazy , unable to escape. You can't stop laughing and you're begging him to stop. He leans in kisses you and says; 'I just wanted to see that smile, and your adorable laugh' ,You're mean' You try and reply, but youre laughing so hard you don't know if you can. 'Oh im mean am i?, well then I guess It'll be okay to do this' He throws you over his shoulder and lightly drops you on the couch. He then places his body over top of yours and tickles your tummy like crazy. You're laughing so hard you cant breathe and you're almost crying and he traces his fingers over the soft skin on your belly. You give up and he leans down and kisses you. He lifts you so you're sitting ontop of him and you fall asleep. The movie ends and he carries you up to bed, wraps you in a blanket and lays down next to you and you both fall asleep. <3
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wow, he sounds awesome! dont lose him!

Omg I hate being tickled! opposite of fun.. Torture... my girlfriend tickles me all the time... To me it's not like hehehe it's more like stop ******* tickling me and then hehehe! But I love her to DEATH!

That was so cute. :)

Thankyou (:

Oh I would really want to be you right now! I'm very ticklish there too! Teehee ; )