Tickle Dream

Last night I had the most amazing dream that I have ever had. I was walking down a street downtown when all of a sudden someone came up behind me and put a bag over my head.(I was knocked out somehow). I woke up in a dark warehouse with my arms and legs bound to a recliner chair, wearing only my bra and panties. I looked around and saw what I thought of as either a dungeon or a science lab, which it was. I hear a footsteps and a door creak open. 3 men walk in wearing lab coats with briefcases in their hands. One man stood in front of me while the other two stood on opposite sides of me. The man in front Of me introduces himself and tells me that I have been randomly chosen to be their test subject to see where and what tickles the most. I beg them to let me go since I was so ticklish that the test results wouldn't be very accurate. They all just smiled at each other and shook their heads. The man in front of me opened his briefcase, revealing an electric toothbrush, a peacock feather, a hairbrush, baby oil, and etc. The man grabs the feather first and starts sliding it between my ticklish toes. The men on my sides start to lightly tickle my ribs and I burst into laughter, squirming like crazy, trying to break free. The man in front stops and takes some notes, then picks up the baby oil and rubs it all over my feet. The man on my left stops and picks up the electric toothbrush while the man on my right grabs the hairbrush. They both start tickling the soles of my feet with the brushes and I burst into extreme laughter. I begin to tear up, gasping for air, and begging them to stop. They continue tickling me for what feels like forever. Sadly I wake up soon afterwards :( I wish I could have stayed asleep long enough to find out what the octopus was for xD
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Jun 9, 2012