My Girlfriend Tickles Me All The Time!

We've been tickling each other since we started dating, almost two years ago now. Since then, we've found practically all of each other's ticklish spots, and let me tell you my girlfriend takes advantage of mine all the time! I'm one of those people who just turns to putty when you tickle me. I can't fight back, even if I tried - I just lay there and laugh while they tickle me. My girlfriend knows this and tickles me almost every time she sees me. My worst spots are definitely my belly button, my sides, and behind my knees. My girlfriend is quite the squirmer when she's tickled, which makes things very fun! She laughs very loudly and squirms all over the place. Her most ticklish spot by far is her tummy. She won't even let me touch it sometimes! Even if my fingers just brush over her tummy she shrieks and jumps back. She's that ticklish! I absolutely love my girlfriend, and I love the fact that she's not afraid to tickle me or to let me tickle her. It's awesome!
lotr54hi lotr54hi
26-30, M
5 Responses Sep 8, 2012

That's awesome! You're one lucky guy!

Was. We broke up, haha

Aww, man! I'm sorry to hear that! She sounded like the ideal mate (at least to me...)

That's great, man. I hope to have someone that adventurous in my life one day. Of course, I know it'll happen.

Awww!!! That is adorable! I wish my crush would tickle me

Any advice since you are a guy, on how to get my crush to tickle me. ^^

Start messing with him like poking him in belly and when he pokes back, say whinily no...I'm ticklish, most guys pounce on you at that point.

That's a great idea! Thanks! But what happens if he's not ticklish, because then he wouldn't know what I was doing and probably won't poke back.

That is really cute <3<3

You are so lucky to have someone like that in your life.