Tickled On My Birthday

Well I should have suspected my b/f Donnie wouldn't
let my birthday pass without getting me into a tight
spot and tickling me silly.

It was my birthday yesterday and I thought I had gotten
safely through it. But last night around 8PM there was a
knock at the door and our friends Trey and Katie came by.

They acted like they just brought a card but when I came
out of the bedroom the 2 of them and Donnie jumped me and
rolled me up in the living room rug.

Then they lifted me and the rug up on the couch and
while Trey held my hands up Donnie sat on me and
tickled the bottoms of my feet!

Katie took a pic of Donnie torturing my bare soles, then
proceeded to "help" by tickling my armpits. I laughed
myself totally silly for an hour, then peed my shorts soaking wet.

That was Donnie, Trey and Katie's "birthday present"
again this year. I can't sneak by a birthday without getting
seriously tickle tortured, but the laughing was FUN! 
kulshady kulshady
41-45, M
Sep 23, 2012