Another Tickle Fantasy 😉

Hey guys! Sry I haven't posted in... A while... 😁 but I got a request to do a tickle fight so I will! It waz a week after the 3DS incident and me and Josh and a couple other friends were talking about some random stuff. I waz talking to my friend Ashley and josh wanted to talk to me. I heard tht he wanted to talk to me but I waz still talking to Ashley. He knew he could easily get my attention by tickling me 😏 so he came over to my seat and since my arms were up on the seat, he tickled my sides. He knew exactly where to tickle me: right inbetween my sides and ribs... I HATE tht! I screamed and fell down in my seat but he would'nt STOP! He tickled me some more and I started laughing out loud. "Stohohohop! STOHOHOHOP!!!!" "Nope ^_^" "PLZZ TTTZZZZAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!""Talk to me then 😜" then he finally stopped. "FINE! What??" "... I forgot..." -.- he is NOT serious. So then he waz talking to random people out the window and I decided to return the favor 😏. I went over to him and sed "Gotchaaa!" he sed "What??" and I tickled his sides and neck. He giggled and squirmed and yelled "QUIT IIIIIIT!" "Nuh-uh! This is MY time for revenge!" he started to laugh louder and louder. I let go, he poked my stomach and I screamed and jumped back. I sed "Nooooooooo!" and went over to tickle him agen. When I waz done I sed "Exaclty 😉" and went over to finish my convo with Ashley. Then... Once agen -.-... He decided to tickle my sides... Not like the first time. A little lower. I pretended I waznt ticklish there, but I started to giggle while I waz talking and finally yelled "STOP IT!" he sed ok and then my stop came and I got off and went home. THE END! 😜 enjoy!
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Cool story!

Great story.Very erotic.Please add me so we can share our fetish