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It Can Be Torture!!

Being ticklish can be torture for us ticklish people.  I hate when people try to tickle me.  Yesterday my husband was showing our 1 year old grandson that grandma is ticklish.  They had a feather and they kept tickling my feet.  I tolerated it only because my grandson would giggle every time I would start laughing and of course grandmas love to hear their grandchildren laughing.  Sometimes my husband will come up behind me and start kissing the back of my neck.  When he does this, I always try to move away but he grabs me and I don't have time to get away.

It's kind of weird but I am not ticklish when I'm in the mood, if you know what I mean!!! :-)  My husband can touch me anywhere and it doesn't tickle.  I guess cause my mind is busy concentrating on other feelings, heehee!!! :-P

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 22 Responses Oct 10, 2008

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katara, why would I want to do that, when I hate to be tickled!!! :-)

no its not if you tickle yourself in your most ticklish spot

kulshady, I totally agree. I too can tickle certain parts fo me, especially my feet and one underarm, haha!!! My stomach is also very ticklish!!!

NO ITS NOT! Winter Mountain it might be for you and others but I've always been able to tickle myself, and I know other people who can. I can't just scratch my barefoot bottoms as long as I want, 'cause IT TICKLES and I have to stop. I can't scratch my armpit long either, or my ribs- I'll be forced to laugh.<br />
For me its reflexive. Certain places on my body are exquisitely ticklish and it doesn't matter if I tickle there or someone else, I got to laugh. Shows that researchers don't know everything! There are still some mysteries left in this old world that no one can solve.

Hello loveticklingfeet, hmmmm, sounds like a LOT of PLEASURE AND FUN!!!! I wonder, I've seen the Geisha girls on documentaries, do they also have Geisha guys, LOL??? Thanks for commenting.

TexasLily, what you said about not being ticklish when you are in the mood, is so true, did you know that our most ticklish areas on our bodies are also the highest erogenous zones on our bodies, that's why it doesn't tickle when you are in the mood, I learned that while in Japan, and was taught by a Geisha, in my opinion they wrote the book on being turned on and true sex, when preparing to have sex with someone for the first time, they will bath you from head to toe, and then procede to lightly tongue tickle you from your earlobes down to your toes front and back, and I mean every inch of your body, to find your personal erogenous zones, as every one has them but in different areas are stronger from person to person....

Yes,it is elvis8tweeter and thank you for commenting on my story!!

Hi Smilesallthetime,thanks for your comments.Why would I want to be tickled if I don't enjoy it,different strokes for different folks.You enjoy it,I don't!!I get enjoyment in other ways,like when my husband and I make love,I'm not ticklish then!!

Yes! Me too! They KNOW better! Ha ha<br />
I will get Sweet Revenge! *evil grin*

Lol,I get pissed off when my husband or anyone else tries to tickle me,they already know,DO NOT FREAKIN TICKLE ME OR ELSE!!!

Really? Lol<br />
If you hold me down and tickle me, I swear I'll have a panic attack!! <br />
<br />
However, I do enjoy being the tickler! When my kids were babies (and I was bigger than them) I would hold them down and tickle them and they would laugh and laugh! <br />
Meanwhile, if you tried that with me, I would Freak Out!

Yeah I really hate it WM and I don't know about not being able to tickle our ownselves.I just touch my own feet and it tickles!!

I know exactly how you feel Lily! The worst for me is my feet! If you try to tickle my feet, you're liable to get your face kicked! Ha ha<br />
<br />
That's right Christian, it's impossible to tickle yourself!

JesusistheTickler,I believe you!!

It is possible to literally be tickled to death.

Hi christiancowboy,thanks for commenting on my story,no I did'nt know this.All I know that if I touch my own feet,it does tickle,thats the most ticklish part of me!!

Did you know that it's impossible to tickle yourself?

Hi ticklishmicheal,I swear I never thought that people would like to get tickled in that way,lol,for me it's sheer torture and not in a good way!!!

Hi flourlady,my granddaughter is sooo ticklish,when I'm trying to bathe her,lol!!!


I never new people actually liked to be tickled on purpose,lol,that's news to me!!

i wish i was tickled more personally, but i know that isnt everyones point of view!