I Hate It

My family used to pin me down and tickle me so much,I would get headaches from it.Now that I have grown up,If someone tries to do it,I flat out punch them!I dont mind a little tickle,but if they pin me down it actually hurts and makes me cry.
blackcat blackcat
22-25, F
3 Responses Jun 25, 2007

What if I just tie you up nicely and tickle torture you? (If the response isn't good just don't tell me)

a person that doesnt like it shouldnt tell any one cause that makes it more fun and adds an element of danger and adventure 2 it .i,my self love the ticklish reaction of a woman who is wearing nyloned stockings! and i love the shape and arch of a womans foot ,esspecially in nylons. but im turned on when a woman is laughing or smiling esspecially when im causing it by tickling her. esspecially a tall woman ,or a mature sphisticated woman. besides ,you ever notice the tickler is laughing just as much as te person bieng tickled . its because they r having fun and assume ur 2

is that why my wife doesn't like it? But she is laughing the whole time - and yes she will hit me too.