So i went and got a pedicure today. Didn't think much if it, I had some time on my hands and needed a quiet place to read some notes for work. My feet were looking rough so I figured why not. I wore a north face jacket, sweats and some moccasins with no socks to the salon. I was the only customer there. An elder asian woman led me to a back room where she sat me down, put on my massage chair and I put my feet in the warm water. We spoke for a few minutes while she got her tools then I began to read my notes and lets her go to work. Now I've had a thing for tickling girls but not so much myself being tickled because i can't really handle it. This pedicure tickled like crazy. Even the beginning when she was just clipping my nails, her fingers were going between my toes causing me to flinch. She said "oh you very ticklish, just wait until I scrub". She did a few more thugs then placed my feet our of the water so my soles faced her. She softly applied gel to the bottom my feet causing me to giggle. She then took out the purple scrubber and ran it along the bottom of each foot, probably 2 minutes for each foot. I squirmed and laughed in my chair. Her and her other female workers just laughed at me. She then got on to the massage and shortly after I was finished. Quite an event.
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I usually giggle and squirm when my therapist uses the exfoliating scrub on my soles; I can't resist.

My therapist thinks it's really cute.

ha im the same way