My feet are EXTREMELY ticklish...

My feet are EXTREMELY ticklish!  And I kick pretty good too if someone goes for the toes! LOL
Cheleanne Cheleanne
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Oh I know EXACTLY what you mean. Mine are hyper-ticklish but they are also an incredible erogenous zone.

I would absolutely be mortified of being in ronrogy's position above- to be completely helpless, vulnerable and utterly defeated by an enemy who is tickling your weak spots and reducing you to helpless laughter would frustrate me to insanity!!

Cheleanne, I would love to try to resist you with all my willpower and see if you could reduce me to a giggling mess- I think that you think you could utterly defeat a man by tickling his weak spots but I would love to challenge and defeat you!

You need to be tied down, like my avatar.

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You sound like an absolutely wonderful woman and it would be a challenge to have you restrained and tickled until you peed your panties.....and such an amazing turn for me at the same time.....whew!

I would suck on your toes while, tickling your arches and the ball of your foot.

Haha, not me!! I just HATE it!!

I love to be tickled

I would think that if you hated each other like you said, it would be much worse and blood should be shed.... however, I am thinking that deep down, you two are just highly competative and really could almost have a bit of 'like' for one another! :-)

yeah. if someone you dislike tickles you... they may have some likeness for you. otherwise.... why would they??

I am fascinated by tickling. Mainly because of the humiliation and frustration of being beaten in a wrestling match by a certain woman who defeats me by wearing down my defences by tickling me in my weak spots. I am a 35 year old woman who has a very adversarial relationship with my sister-in-law, call her Jane. We simply detest each other. Last month, we had an argument and started pushing each other. she put me in a headlock and asked me to give up. I got enraged and got out of the headlock and jumped on her, yelling in front of about 10 people that I was going to teach her a lesson. She is much smaller than me and about 10 years younger. I put her in a head lock but she started poking my ribs which caused me to let go. We squared off again and I was panting, but she was totally calm, with this evil smile and then said "looks like fat-*** is ticklish! I got panicked at that point, because I am extremely ticklish and tried to protect my ribs but by doing that she slapped my face, which got me absolutely enraged. I then screamed and lunged at her but her damn fingers found my weak spot on my ribs and I laughed and let go again. I was now very embarrassed and was blushing with frustration, but we kept grapling and her fingers kept tickling my weak spots. I was getting completely exhausted trying to fight her off and not laugh, and then the worst thing happened- i was so worn out i couldnt even stop her from slapping me again. then i made my mistake and lunged at her but she tripped me and landed on top of me. to my absolute horror she straddled my chest and pinned my arms above my head helplessly, then slowly crawled up to pin my biceps with her knees. I used every ounce of strenght to stop this but I just couldnt- i was exhausted and panicked that i would be pinned with my arms useless to fight back. finally she got me- totally pinned with my face locked between her knees. I could see my friends looking away in embarrasment, and they stopped yelling encouragement to me. i think they were as ambarrased as I was. then Jane did the unthinkable- she placed her finger nails in my exposed and horribly ticklish armpits and asked me to beg for mercy. I just coulndt do it- and told her to screw off and that she was a fat pig. that was a really stupid move because she went to town on my pits. I went nuts, bucking and laughing like a hyena. One of my friends yelled "let her up, she's beat". I couldnt stop laughing and bucking, was now completely and utterly defeated. I felt such frustration and shame and letting this ***** get the better of me in this match. she stopped and asked me again to admit defeat. I had no choice, and weakly said "you got me". this really killed my to say that. then she said "say you have a fat ***" . I got enraged again and told her where to go, then started screaming "no god no please dont tickle my pits anymore" but she went to town again. finally she got up from me, and i was so exhausted i couldnt move. i was thoroughly and soundly beaten in every sense of the word. I desperately want to get her back by pinning her and tickling her senseless but I am terrified at losing again- i dont know if I could handle the embarrasement again- thoughts?

wow unless it her.... (refer to my last comment). i reckon she is going to use this to her advantage now. simple.... if she traps you physically, you can trap her mentally. start being so nice to her that she cannot resist having to be "civil" to you. if she is nice to you, than she wont have a reason to attack you. then if she is rude to you, it will be obvious that ur the one making the effort, and that she's the one who refuses to reconcile.

Well, glad to have you back!! <br />
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I'm Cheleanne again... my original name... had to change for a bit... but now I'm back too!!!!

Alberta..... I am a

haha, well come up to Canada!

Well, if you're ever in Canada, you will have to look me up!! LOL

Haha, Michael.... you would never escape my grasp!! :D

well Ebun, I must admit that I would prefer to DO the tickling!! :-)

Yes, there are those of us that enjoy both tickling and being tickled. :-)

Wow... you LIKE that?? YIKES! I would actually pee myself if someone tied me and tickled me like that! :-)