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A Human Elmo

I am LITERALLY ticklish from head to toe! I even have this tickle/horney spot in the back of my head. My toes are way sensitive too. The first man to try sucking on my toes... WOW, the pleasure and pain!! My pleasure...his pain! I kicked him  from the excruciating pleasure, and bloodied his mouth! The back of the knee??... ahhhhh, the goosebumps of memories!! And forget the ribs! If tickled there too long, it actually starts to hurt! But otherwise, I'll take a light finger-touched tickle rub to my back,shoulders, and arms any day of the week over a massage! Who else out there is ticklish??!!
emerald emerald 36-40, F 29 Responses Jan 18, 2007

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My feet are quite ticklish! :)

I wish you were here. :)

Me I'm ticklish

To me, tickling is a stress reliever as well as fun.
I love the soft tickles, ones little kids will do to. I'm going to ask my acupuncturist for a 5 minute tickle session after he's literly finished poking me for an hour. I had this guy tickle me last night at the bar and my friend took a picture of it. It was so much fun.

omagosh, just reading this stuff is tickling me!

Ever tried tying your feet together(and attached to something else) in such a way so that a person could suck your toes and you couldn't kick them?

*raises hand* I'm ticklish! I was reading this and was like "goddammit.... " cuz you know.... I'm the same, can't get nearly enough. give me three minutes and I'm a blob. If my ler knows his **** (which he usually does) my eyes even have a tendency to roll back in my head lol. and you know what? knots? what knots? what headache? what flu? after a good tickle, I'm like.... restored. it's interesting because I know of so many people who are like "tickling hurts!" "I'm too ticklish" "tickling is annoying" and all I'm thinking in my head is "blah blah blah grow some balls" and then I realize that's horrid because it's either a bad experience memory or they don't know how to relax and enjoy it.... or they don't want to learn, which is kinda sad but hey if they don't wanna feel like they were just dipped in a vat of awesome I will try to understand.

The trick (I've heard) is to not seam intimidating. Which is harder then it seems

I am very ticklish everywhere!! Its very arousing & satisfying!!;)

agreed. -^.^-

I'm so ticklish ;3;

Yes very also have to b tied down feet n underarms r the worst!!!

Being ticklish is a gift & not a burden. Practise makes perfect. Converting ticklishness into pleasure is a 2 way understanding of pleasuring that a partner can offer. Experimenting is the key to fulfil into converting being ticklish into pleasure that you will never regret the feeling of sensual satisfaction if done right.

Im very very ticklish ! If someone even comes close to my tummy, or touchs it, I will laugh like crazy and not stop, my belly is so ticklish !!

would love to talk more tickling with you! please add me as i can't seem to add you

*sticks finger into your belly button and wiggles it*

Tickle tickle

I love sucking the toes and tickle the soles. My girl friend was very ticklish as you were, but I turn her ticklish side into pleasure. She enjoy toes sucking & feel caressing follow by foot massage. Never fail to ask whenever she have the opportunity. <br />
For a start, warm up with non-ticklish strokes and massages. I am sure you will start to appreciate the pleasure your feet & toes can deliver.

emerald, you should have had your ankles tied to something like a bedpost or bedrail. Let the man suck your toes when you're immobile. It's safer.

well well ,,i think i would have to tie you down and torture you with a feather

*squirms* -^.^-

i am damm ticklish too. my gf loves to tickle me after tying me up.

im really ticklish on my sides i scream and laugh like a girl i dont mind as long as it is not persistent because i do suffer from asthma and if they get me till i can barely breathe it sets off an asthma attack

ooh.... that's kinda dangerous. you better have watchful tickler, so you don't die or something, since that would be horrible

Welsh: I'm ticklish.

Omg!!! i am so "ticklish" i don't even want to go down that particular road! lol :-) If someone touches me!!!, i jump, because i am so ticklish! :-)

Blue, maybe you have that Patrick Swayze affect on Mello... that come-hither finger waggle he does in Dirty Dancing. It makes me wiggle, too! ;D <br />
MSP, I think you're on to something there! The loss of control... perhaps that IS why I can't stand to be tickled for long! :O <br />
And, you are right... it's the most risque story! It's brought undo attention to my mail in here of people wanting to tickle me! :/

Em I think this is your most risque story. LOL I HATE being tickled! It means losing control and I can't allow that. Nope, nada, no way!

Mello is the same way. I can point my finger at her and wiggle it and she falls apart. lol<br />
How bad is that?

my feet are horribly ticklish. i let him tie me to the bed one night, he tickled my bare feet relentlessly for 40 minutes. i thought i was going to die. somehow it was incredibly erotic though. as horrible as it is i love it.

I have a tickling fetish so, this is the best group I've found :)

Me too I have a bad ticking fetish. It really turns me on


LOL, Bothguns... my Dad is like that that! He once kicked me across a room when I grabbed his feet while he was resting! He didn't mean to, but the reflexes took over! :O

I love being tickled, feel free to tickle my toes any time emerald...

"i m very much tcklis in my knees..."

I went thru the same tickle abuse thing with my two older cousins who were born deaf. They would tickle me, I'd laugh and then it would turn into crying but because they couldn't hear - they couldn't tell the difference. I think then I turned it all off and it has mostly stayed that way. I think I do not let myself get in any position or place that would be a ticklish spot.

not so much ... i was tormented with endless tickle sessions as a child that would leave me bruised the next day - in all seriousness. it's as if i flicked the switch and turned it off out of self preservation. many years have passed and i'm just now beginning to relax again ... enough that every once in a while i'll feel that 'tickle' upon being touched lightly or unexpectedly.