I am extremely ticklish

1. Back of my head
2. Ears
3. Chin
4. Neck
5. Shoulders
6. Armpits
7. Arms
8. Elbows
9. Ribs
10. Belly
11. Sides
12. Waist
13. Hips
14. Thighs (front and back)
15. Knees (front and back)
16. Shin (front and back)
17. Toes (Over, under, and inbetween)
18. Sole
19. Top of my feet
20. Back
21. Butt

So well basically everywhere!

JesusistheTickler JesusistheTickler
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

True dat. The only one who tickles me is Jesus. So it is ALWAYS the right person :P

You know a person is extremely ticklish when you can tickle their hair and they laugh. <br />
<br />
Ok so that isnt possible...but well you get what I mean?

wow! i didnt know someone could be that ticklish. i know i am less ticklish than you, but non the less i still am :)