Yes I Am...

I am, but not in the conventional places... Like the ribs or feet... All my ticklish spots have been discovered completely by accident... I will not disclose most of them here, but one spot is my thighs.. Touch them in the right spot and I go crazy.. lol :-)
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That is very very creative thinking lol... ;) Serves her right for torturing you.. lol<br />
Paybacks a ***** sometimes... To be tied up and tickled and then to call in back up is crucial... Would love have see that.. hehe<br />
A Roger Rabbit laugh??? That's hilarious... love it... :)<br />

When I'd have snuggle-buddies accidentally tickle me they fall in love with it, two separate ones even recorded it and made it their ringtone when I call them...I'd compare my tickle laughter a roger-rabbit laugh.<br />
One time this girl I hadn't slept with yet (but we'd constantly flirt and seduce each other) tied me down on her bed with scarfs and ****...I was thinking all kinds of kinky stuff.<br />
NOPE! She tied me down and proceeded to tickle me to death for the next hour, even calling in her roommate friends to join in.<br />
MEANIE SHE WAS! But it was lots of fun too.<br />
(BTW: I got her back later, had her handcuffed to my car seat and had stashed lots of lil' 'toys' under my seat to use on her during our 40 minute drive from her parents *evil grin*)

ha.... *blushing*..... Michael.... You have quite the imagination... lol

Yep.. Me too... Can make for some awkward moments..<br />
;-) Lol...

m tickilish in secretive places!

Stuman... Lol... I like feathers.. ;-) But that sounds kinda like torture for me.. <br />
<br />
runnagirrl.. I'm ticklish on my neck too.. Omg.. Stroke it lightly with your fingers and I can barely stand it.. hehe

ha, i'm ticklish in the thigh area too! those and my neck are the worst. plus all the usual spots...i'm just ticklish all over, really!

I got a feather for you :)