Yes... I am highly ticklish! And it had been used as a weapon against me! My sister and older brother use to tickle me to death! And my mother still attacks me, in the middle of shopping or when we're walking down the street! :-o

It's my weakness! LOL! I try to hide it, but there's no hope! When I have a physical at the doctor, I am often snickering and trying to hold back the laughter, my eyes watering. Of course, I get odd looks! Some grin and say, "Oh, you're ticklish!" Darn it! I was hoping I would grow out of it, but no... it doesn't seem that way. =p

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There are worse things than being being NOT ticklish! LOL<br />
<br />
Tickling can be erotic as well as torturous. A prudent mixture of both could be quite fun!

m the same way-thanks!

That's hot. I love a ticklish women.