Tickled to Death

Some people can turn it off and on- not ME! EVERYONE gets a kick out of watching me giggle and flinch away from the hands that get between my arms and ribs or behind my knees or...well, most places. Plus, it's amusing because I'm not the chick you'd think has this "issue"- I'm tall and strong and have self-control in general (as life and career require)...yet I'm a MESS of smiles, shrieks, and ******* movements when I am tickled. I swear it's genetic- my dad's ticklish, too, whereas my mom can turn it off. OH WELL!

I don't mind being the SUPER-sensitive chick- I've heard that ticklish people are the most responsive to touch sensually. I don't know about it as a general statement, but I certainly am!
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You and me both. I am constantly getting tickled because according to them "my reactions are tooooo cute" lol

You're soooo lucky. ;~;

can i tickle you?

WOW, me too! Friend called last night, got on tickling subject and ....he gave me the giggles soooooo bad.HE loved it!!!!!! ps~I had fun too!!!!! hehehehehehe

when i tickle my cat he bites my dog's tail and my dog then bites me on my big toe then i tell my mom but then she licks my left ear and then my dad tickled me to death

When i am tickled my tongue sticks out and the corner of my ear flickers.<br />
<br />
<br />
Does anyone else have this issue???!!?


But you did not mention that you have ever been tickled to death, or you heard of anyone did. I would like to read a story, real or fiction, about tickled to death. I am myself a tickling and foot fetishist.

I'm extremely ticklish and I've lost my breath and passed out
from being tickled too much several times.
Luckily the ticklers got scared and stopped so I was able to
"revive" and catch my breath. However I am sure if they kept
tickling so I couldn't "recover" when I woke up I would lose
my breath permanently after awhile.
I've also gone into seizures from being tickled too long 3
times- you know, where my eyes rolled back in my head
and I started shaking and ******* around. That also scared
the people tickling me and they stopped. If they didn't then
yes, I definitely think I would have died from it.
But you'd have to be very ticklish like me to where they can
force you to laugh til you're completely out of breath.

Oh how i can sooo relate! i too am super hyper ticklish and just lose it when people even THREATEN to tickle me! Some can play it off and call their bliff and act like they are not ticklish, but for me i get reaol defensive and start giggling even before they touch me. So i totally understand what you are saying:)<br />
Ticklemistress Tiffany

hehe. keeping a straight can be easy to do... depending on what mood I'm in. but i love getting my back tickled....

i'd be happy to tickle you if you were single ;)

z0ece6uq5n: not more than a couple thousand people will offer.

I love tall ticklish chicks :)

I am just like footickler4fem...LOVE to tickle female feet! If you're a female and love your feet massaged, played with and tickled I would enjoy hearing from you and possibly having some wonderful tickle fun...no strings attached...just lots of playtime and laughter! I live in the Southern California area...look up my profile or drop me a line!

Does anybody - male or female - like to tie me up and tickle me? I am a ticklish girl from New York.

Thats great i love ticklish ladies just haven't met any that likes to be tickled i have a big tickling fetish and im from new York as well so of your game hit me up

i would pls

I love tickling my eight year old nefew. I drag my nails down his legs and he laughs a silent laughter. Joey has no hair or fuzz on his legs which makes them extra sensitive. he gets goosebumps all over. I cant touch his legs without him being tickled. should he be that sensitive?

I had a friend with twins who are slightly autistic and they used to freak out with all sorts of stuff. They would sit on the grass and keep their legs in the air. you could'nt touch them much or they scream with laughter. They were rubbed with a mushroom brush to get used to the sensations.

I desire for women to grab me,take to their place,tie me down and tickle me way past the tickle torture point.The more fun they have the better I like it. My email is starbird66@yahoo.com. By the way I am a 52 year male that's never married.

I am super ticklish too...everyone I know always tickles me. I am the youngest in my family and my two brothers always tickle me like hell and so do my 4 sisters...one time they all ganged up on me...it was torture

I am a selfish tickler lol. I tied up a few girlfriends and friends and tickled them unmercifully. But I cannot STAND being tickled myself. I have allowed myself to be tied up twice and got the **** tickled out of me. It was hell. But I still love tickling others and watching others squirm lol. Is that wrong?

yes you are sadistic. You know how it feels, yet you will do it to others. I'm saying this with a smile ok. I will do it once back if the person has done it to me.

First of all how did u get all those people tied upand tickled? Second, did they ever get revenge?

Good for you, you seem to be a good sport about it. And I agree with Mountainman, I think a ticklish gal is sexy!

ah-h-h- ticklish gewls are the sexiest ! great fun. hehehe<br />

Hehe, I'm really ticklish too. My friends poke at me for fun and I jump up like a mad rocket :P I hate getting tickled, so I guess I need to adapt :P

For you, Labyrinth, it's acceptable- but I'm not going to make a sweeping generalization about it. ; )

so when you're tied up, tickling is in or out???