I've always had a tickle/foot fetish. I love tickling in all aspects, both giving and receiving. Most of the time I'm on the receiving end, especially in infrequent tickle fights. ;)

I've always been extremely ticklish and literally everywhere. And for me it seems to be that I'm even more ticklish than I used to be. Especially on my feet. Of course this could be from not going barefoot much anymore and using a pumice stone and lotion to keep my feet soft.

My favorite thing is being with a guy and tickling/playing with each other's feet as we talk and get to know one another. I know it's corny, but that's me.
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

What is your first name?

I am in NJ. How old are you?

I'm always looking for cute guys with super ticklish feet ;-)

I am way out West, in Oregon. Ever get out here?? I have my own stocks....