On July 27, while visiting NYC, my wife, known as TickleWench and I visited the home of a couple with whom I've been in contact with for 3 years while on another website (its initials are FL). Let's call them Boris and Natasha. They reside about an hour's drive north of Manhattan, and like us, they have a dedicated interest in tickling. Natasha is especially into foot-tickle torture.

After enjoying a delicious buffet breakfast, they went upstairs and spend 1/2 an hour preparing the Tickling room while we 2 waited downstairs in excited anticipation.

Once entering the room, the Wench and I ******** down to our undies and were bound to the bed side by side, with our feet sticking through the headboard, which was prepared with restraints and cushions for the ankles. They tied back our toes and tied our arms above us. Then they proceeded to tickle us (she on me, Boris on the Wench) for a solid hour of non-stop laughter. Natasha was particularly evil with my poor immobile soles.

Boris then released the Wench, and she and Natasha bound him next to me...and the 2 ladies continued to tickle he and I for another hour.

Following dinner, Natasha rebound me face down with my ankles immobile and my big toes tied so as to make movement again impossible...then she and the Wench attacked me as a team for another hour.

A few days later, Natasha responded to a request I made on the website, and after joining us for dinner in Little Italy, they came to our hotel room, where I had brought a set of under-the-mattress restraints. She and the Wench tickled me for another hour straight!

This was an incredible adventure during our trip!  The Wench and I invite any women into tickling (either giving or receiving) to visit us for similar exploits.

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Love the video do u have any more? U seem to have. Very very ticklish feet!

I do have more...but you'll have to tickle my feet to get me to provide them! Hope you live close by...