Yes, Most Definitely...

Yes, I am ticklish, and all my girlfriends have enjoyed this fact immensely, mostly the last two. The first one really only tickled me once or twice, and that was it. The second girlfriend, in our senior year of high school...after she found out how ticklish I was and how much I enjoyed being, she would go to town. I can't begin to count the times I was pinned down and found myself the laughing, squirming victim of her fingers! She found all my worst spots and would torture me everytime we saw each other. It was pretty fun.

Then my most recent girlfriend, who actually recently broke up with me, knew of my ticklishness before we started dating, and actually discovered that I liked it on her own. She found that out when we were sitting in her room, watching TV, and she started to lightly tickle my side. We have a curfew at our college (a curfew that I dispise) that states that members of the opposite sex must be off of the hall by 10:30 on weeknights, midnight on weekends. It's a Christian school, so I suppose it makes sense. Anyway, it's about 10:20, and she starts, and of course, I start squirming and sputting laughing a bit, and she says with really wide innocent eyes and a little smile, "What's wrong?" I stated the obvious, "You're tickling me!" She said, "Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?" I replied, "Nothing." So she tickled me for the rest of the time I could be there. The worst she got me was on my little sister's birthday. We went to my house, and my parents and younger siblings were there, and my grandparents, my cousing, and her fiance all showed up later. Anyway, she's sitting on the floor doing a puzzle with my little sister. I'm tired, so I lay down next to her. Soon, she's suddenly tickling my sides and I'm rolling around and grabbing her hands. I push them away, and she pulls them back from me and smiles at me while wiggling her fingers. Then she proceeded to again tickle my sides, and this time, my younger sisters both helped, one getting my neck, the other tickling my feet! Later on, she tickled my stomach and back at the same time as we were sitting on the couch. The worst was later on. We were sitting in the den, watching my little sister play the new Wii game she got, and my girlfriend slides down off the couch so she's sitting on the floor. I think nothing of it until my socked foot is trapped between her legs, and she's running her fingers up and down while I go crazy! I pulled my foot away, and she just grabbed it back and continued! That went on for probably about 10 minutes. The next night, she did the same thing, except she pulled off my sock that time. This was also the only girl who was really not too bad about being tickled. We'd have occasional tickle fights, and she usually wouldn't be mad if I tickled her a bit, as long as I didn't pin her or anything. That was nice.

Anyway, that was the last time I've been tickled, since we were both busy the next week, and she chose the next one to go crazy and break up with me for reasons I still haven't been told. Anyway, here's hoping this new girl I like will like me back enough to be my girlfriend, and not be weirded out by my love of being tickled. Hasn't happened in three times, so I doubt that will be the case. Anyway, that's my experience, in a nutshell.

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Good post. you're not alone with this fetish.thanks for reading my story and commenting also.