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I Love Being Tickled!

I love being tickled but only softly. I'm ticklish almost everywhere - but just don't touch my feet!!! I hate my feet being tickled so much!! When I was younger my uncle would chase me and my cousins around until he caught one of us...then he would pick us up dangling us by our feet and tickle us till we were screaming, I actually remember crying it was so bad...I loved it but it was just too much sometimes!
AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 8 Responses Nov 18, 2007

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I take it your feet are your ultimate ticklish spot then hehe :P

I would definately enjoy tickling your feet then. :) Guess you'd have to be tied down though so i don;t get kicked. :)

Wow. Interesting tickling story for sure! Wonder how many more I'll join in on here? :-)

I love being tickled. My neighbours son who's 18 always tickles me. He even tells his driends I'm ticklisch. They always tickles my tummy,ribs and belly bitton, which I really like. Bu sometimes I don't want to get tickled but they won't listen. It's not that bad...

I reckon I coud hold you up by your ankles and tickle your tootsies now.......This little piggy went to market

wanna get tickled somemore :P

Hmm only Jesus has ever given me a real good tickling. No one tickles like He does. Mark my words.

Oh wow, I had an UNCLE like that- he would say "Here comes the TICKLE MONSTER!!!!" and tickle us like crazy- I think I peed my pants once from laughing so hard :)