Always Smallest **** In The Room

I am only 4" erect but it is my tiny flaccid size which causes me the most shame. It is a wormlike 2" at best but in shrinkage situations it is genuinely baby-size. I do not recall a time from my first phys ed class to the present when I wasn't the smallest dicked man in the room. Only the youngest boys could I compete with and then they were probably younger than 9 or 10. I once had to endure a group physical and medical examination after an induction course to a new job. There were about 2 dozen men involved and to speed up the examination process it was done in a military style one big room with a number of stations for the various tests and examinations. first we all filed into a toilet to do pee samples then we were herded into the main exam hall where we had to ***** off and then proceed thru the gauntlet of stations. I noticed in the queue of men that I (as usual) was decidedly the smallest endowed. i then had to parade this around and be eyed up and groped by various male and female medical staff. That was probably one of my most humiliating public exposures. Another incident that is in the running occurred at a remote lake in Northern Ontario, Canada. Myself and a number of friends (mixed gender) had rented a cabin on a small lake in the back and beyond (about 40 miles from the nearest town) There were two couples and two other guys and a girl (myself included) On the very first night we walked the short distance to the lake just to hang out have some beers and look at the stars. After a few drinks one of the girls suddenly decided that a bit of skinny dipping was in order. She ******** off completely and jumped in the lake from the small jetty. she coaxed others to join her and one by one they did ( i was the last) I don't think anybody may have got a good look at my wee **** on the way in but they all got a good look at my seriously shrivelled dicklet on my way out. Nothing was said and nobody laughed but although the other guys must have suffered a bit of shrinkage all of them still dwarfed my tiny endowment even if I was in a more natural state. One time in mexico me and my then wife headed down to a beach outside a small village we were staying in. When we arrived there was a sign designating it as a nudist beach. We would have had to walk another mile or so to get to a regular beach so decided to stay. My wife had no qualms about stripping off but I was'nt so keen but she insisted i go with the status quo so i conceded. We found the most isolated spot we could near the water (if I had to parade about showing off my tiny **** to the world I wanted the most restricted arena possible . after sunbathing for a bit I needed to cool of in the sea so I ran in to paddle about for a while . in the meantime the beach had filled up consiserably and there was now a fair crowd about our formerly isolated patch. I had little choice but to make the trek back to our spot from the sea with an audience of buff young men and women getting a good eyefull of the little nothing between my legs. I have had many embarrassments in association with my tiny **** but these are a few of the most humiliating.
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I too had the same type of humiliation. Went to a doctor's office with my mother. Same deal, checked height, weight. I should note here that I have always been somewhat fat, so at age 13, probably had larger breasts than most girls my age, the doctor grabbed one, and made some kind of comment about how they were almost like a girl's breasts. I felt my pectoral muscle retract, kind of strange being groped like that. Then came the big payoff, drop your pants. There in all my tiny dicked glory, for the doc and my mother to see. I must have been less than 2" at the time.