Just Call Me Sleepy

 I used to have all the energy in the world but not so much anymore.  I'm so busy these days, plus I'm getting older.  By no means am I saying that I'm old, but the older you get, the harder it is on you!  I'm working a part-time job and I'm going to school full-time.  (currently working on getting into the nursing program)  So by the time the day is done, I'm exhausted.  My poor boyfriend has to put up with my attitude sometimes (SORRY! heh) but once I graduate it will all be worth it.  I just need to try to go to bed earlier.  It's like I can fall asleep at any point during the day but once nightfall hits, I can't go to sleep if my life depended on it!  I don't get it.  Who knows.  I guess I have to force myself :)

sexypink18 sexypink18
26-30, F
Apr 6, 2008