I guess that's the case when you're up vomiting all night though. Or when you've never been able to fall asleep because you have thousands of thoughts rushing through your head ranging from well there is no range, everything and than there's all the stress for the moments you are not trying to sleep and are in contact with everyone else. Oh my head is spinning.

~On the request of soco74, this has been edited (see below)~

The vomiting- I have some obscure sickness causes me to have vomiting spells and a lot of the time, I get them at night, so I'm lacking sleep (or decent sleep) because of that)

thousands of thoughts-  At night, I tend to go over everything in my head that I havent really focused on during the day, due to school, work, etc. So even if I'm not vomiting, I always have thousands of thoughts running through my head

moments of stress from being in contact with everyone else-  I will never let anyone see if Im stressed out or depressed, so I'm constantly putting on a front. Which is quite exhausting. Not to mention, everything else going on, ranging from family issues or problems my friends are having. (more or less, exhaustion)

Hope it helped, soco74

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Ha, sorry, I was having a long day/night. I didn't actually think I'd get a response, it was more of a rant. Regardless, it's been edited, sorry if that was confusing but thanks for the feedback anyway =)

I think you need to slow down a bit and explain what's going on in order to get an appropriate response!