As You Get Older, You Get More Lazier!!!

Hey everybody, Im 16 years old and i'm turning 17 in April. I joined the group I Am Tired And Sick Of My Mom because the title reflects on me. See, in my house when theirs no school like Saturdays and Sundays, I have to be up before ten, and have the dishes, laundry, living room, bathroom, and my bedroom done before she gets out of bed. I have a 12 year old sister, a 9 year old brother, and a 21 year old sister. But everything that has to be done always revolves around me. Yes, I do it, even though i dont want to sometimes. But after i do it, with my mom its always something i didnt do right, or good enough for her. She says things like "As you get older, you get more lazier!!!" or "Does this look clean to you?" Or she does things to really **** me off like she'll hear me vacumning but will still walk in the front room and say "Did you even bother vacuming?" I've never actually done anything over the top with my mom, like curse her out, or hit or anything like that. But I think about it all the time. I tell my friends about it and they say things like "You need to just go off on her one time to show that you aren't afraid of her." Im not afraid of my mom at all, its juss that i have a lot of respect for her, and i know she'll make me go live with my father if i was to do that, and me and my dad dont' gave a good relationship.

But theirs other things she does too. Like I cant hang out with friends AT ALL, unless its school related like Band trips, or HOSA trips. If its either of these things, I don't even bother asking her. Friends ask me all the time to spend the night, and i lie to them and say something like, I have to visit my grandparents that weekend or I have a doctors appointment. But the real reason is because my mom wont' let me because she won't have anyone to clean up around the house, or watch my little brother and sister. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cry myself to sleep almost everynight because i honestly hate my homelife. I cant wait until im 18 and i graduate, so i can go to the National Guard, and get the hell away from her. Its hard going on each day knowing that the best place you'd want to be is at school because thats the only place you can go that you stay for 8 hours straight. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF MY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

poohlmb poohlmb
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2010