Never Going To Give Up

Misery loves company right? Wrong

I never knew that i could love everything about someone that doesn't want me anymore. But i dont believe that he really can give up that easily. We have been through everything together, but one time something happensthat is too much for him, he gives up. I've always had the best intentions in my heart... he knows this to. I'm a little impulsive, and bipolar, and i suffer from a personality disorder... he knows this to... but he is only looking at what bad I've done... all the love i have shown and all i have done should out weigh that for sure. I wish i could draw how i feel inside and show just how sorry i am... but i don't get that chance.

This evening he said he would be home... he has not been home in aweek now... so i made dinner, and put my sexiest black dress on with other plans in mind to... still no word from him.. dinner is still on the stove getting cold. No call back or texts. I haven't spoken to him at all. I hate that i keep trying to show how in love i am, all for him not to give a ****. ive said and shown him how sorry i am. Even mixed him a song. And i get nothing back.... the whole relationship was like that. Bit I'm hopelessly and helplessly in love and i move out tomorrow and i have no where to go.. but yet i still managed to do everything i can to make sure he has the best he can get...
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what did you do wrong?