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Im 30. With 2 boys- there's not a whole lot of communication between me and common law husband. I've come to figured out we are way to different to even be together. I sleep in one room with the kids and he does in the another. I got let go of my job recently and we are staying with his parents, i am receiving unemployment benefits which im paying my bills and his. His been unemployed for 2 yrs and a couple months. I've move out 2-3 times with my kids due to our relationship problems And come back only to work things out. But he hasn't been working or seem to even been looking for a job which has me 1) very upset, 2) concerned that his satisfied how we are. I've told him how I feel, but he seem to just not care. We don't really talk now and when we do is in regards to the kids. We can't seem to get along anymore and we fallen out of love. I know thats how I feel. Not even for the kids I would like to considering staying with him. I made up my mind that after 7 years of struggling, I should just leave him for good and move on with my life. I would like to know your opinion so far on what I've shared.
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013 the number one thing that makes a marriage. Your husband need to get off his butt & find a job to support his family. Why be with someone who doesn't help himself. If he is just too lazy to support his kids why stay?

Have you tried therapy? I too, was in the same boat but did not have the added job and money stress that u do. You need to think about the reasons you two came together in the first place, why you chose HIM to have children with (and no one else!!!). If two people are not 110% into repairing a relationship, it will never work so i would first establish where the both of you are. Try to take a day and night (without kids) for the two of you to make this decision. If he is not wanting or willing to even do that you will have your answer. It's very important to concentrate only on your relationship with him and him and your children (need to be stress free). I can honestly say, after 72 hours of the best communication myself and husband have had after 10 yrs of marriage, i have absolutely rekindled every feeling for him and more!!! It is so possible but like i said it will all depend on the willingness and communication.
I had to respond, i feel for you but there is definitely hope. I don' t know if all of this is even helpful but Good luck and best wishes!!!! I will be praying for happiness:)