Tonight Is One Of Them..

enough said I think.. ;D 

can I clump 10+ more groups coz tonight is the night that:

I don't want to get up and pee
I want to share this because it means something
I hate writing Academic Papers [at this time and many times over]
I have this urge to talk to you right now.. [SRSaintSinner]
I want to post more stuff on facebook [have not created]
I spent too much time reading my stories
I want to talk more [to many people]
I am in awe of you [profiles I stalked]
I find it difficult to talk to people [new acquaintances]
I battle with chronic procrastination
I hate studying
i waste too much time on the internet
I got over myself [and just be damn happy]
I listen to the same song over and over
amejad amejad
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 18, 2011

hey3.. you are here!!