I Am Tired Of Working All The Time

I have worked from the day I left school! 

I have not regretted  been in the working environment -  I don't have degrees or Honor's or any top position.....but must admit, have gotten further than most people I know of who have earned my salary... - Looking back  I am satisfied with what I have achieved - it has been earned honestly and came with hard work! ... I have purchased my own homey, paid up my car and  I know I could have achieved much more - Its never too late to admit that! 

I am just not satisfied with "working for a boss" ...
As one gets older one begins to understand that things could have been so different - I should have started my own business - What would I have had today if I had used my own ability to be successful and put so many hours into my days work only to be told ... "None of you are working"!

I was in a situation at one point in my life where I had to find a way to supplement my income. I started randomly selling beautiful baby blankets. 
People got to know me for my product and the demand grew and grew.  In December last year I decided - I need to register a business for many reasons: Security  - as well as giving myself the stability any women wants and needs regardless if single, married, or divorced.

I want to be at the point in my life .... where I am strong enough to support myself - and still have time for myself.

Why do we always look for a back up plan ... plan "B" for just in-case... the company decides we just not good enough or that we too old....

 I decided - enough is enough - Money is there for everyone - Why must I settle for scraps?

I know we already in August 2010 - it has taken me months to get this far - I wanted to give up! EVERYTHING from registering the business to the final stages....as everything seemed to take forever...

I finally got my company registered! - almost made me want to GIVE UP - The  waiting ,  is finally over and now I am the proud owner of a business and want to tell you that I am tired of working all the time .... for a BOSS.... but have found the spring in my step to work for myself... 

Soon - my orders will be coming in fast and furious as I believe that it can only get better - I was not lead to open this business for nothing and my goal is to supplying hospitals, guest houses and hotels -

This is really about satisfying ones self worth - and I am worth much more to be working for a boss who does not appreciate your effort and hard work... 

Soon I hope to employ staff  and though my years of experience working for a boss, one needs to admire people for their  hard work and effort -

I guess the years of working all the time has been my teachings of how to handle staff and customers,  I hope to be the best boss ever! wink

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Im available for work. Haha....... seriously.