Broken Heart Dancing In the Rain.

I married a man that I believed in.  When he told me he would never cheat on me.  I believed.  He said he never wanted to do what he did in his first marriage.  Yet, on our 15 years of marriage, I found out he was still doing what he did to me that he did in his first marriage.

Two wives: one cheated on him and he cheated on her - the other wife (me) faitful and devoted to him and he cheated because he liked his life they way it was with his first wife they both cheated on each other.

I am so hurt because now, everything I believed in about marriage is all gone.  It was nothing but a fairy tale  all lies.  There are so many people out there that just live off of hurting people.

I have only been with 4 mean two in high school, 1 my first marriage and this is my second marriage.  Everyone has cheated on me and left me for other women.  I am so faithful and loving. 

Nobody cares.  

Swan Rayne

SwanRayne SwanRayne
46-50, F
2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I know how much it hurts you...people cannot change easyly. He loves his life style with his 1st wife and he doesnt appreciate that you are always being faithful and loving. My ex husband never cheated on me but he abused me both mentally and physycally which then lead me to divorce. I hope you find your way to overcome your problems. Stay strong and God bless...

Leave him? I know I'm only 16 and I know nothing about marriage but I would hate to see someone go through the same crap my mom went through. The only reason my mom is not going through it now is because she chose to stay and deal with it, deal with the cheating and lies. Now she's numb. It took her 18 years to get to this point. Thats a really long time. I'm sure you wouldn't like to end up this way. Dont put up with this.