I Am So Moving.

This country pretty much makes me sick.  We may have more money than some countries, but the bullsh*t and drama that go on here just aren't worth it.

At the first opportunity, I'm out of here. 
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5 Responses Oct 12, 2006

The Get out!

"Lesser countries." Heh. We'll speak again in about 15 years, American. We'll see who's "lesser" and "elite" then. ;-)<br />
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All empires fall eventually.

Scary, but true...

Yep. The Roman Empire fell. The British Empire fell. We'll fall too; it's only a matter of time.

I can't wait till you can leave. No one needs unpatriotic people like you anyways. Hope you make your new country proud. Although it doesn't take much to please the lesser countries.

Patriotism isn't the issue. It's Nationalism. You can be patriotic without pretending like you are trapped in a little bubble of faeries and ponies and butterflies and that nothing is wrong with this country. It's obvious that there is. Nationalism is the attitude you are conveying through that very hurtful and narrow minded comment. The forefathers you probably so admire for shaping this country are rolling in their graves when you speak that way, because they were against that kind of talk.

This might seem VERY petty, but it's IRAQ not IRAK

America was great country, with the values od symblic values of statue of liberty, now american become morally and spritually poor, with it evil captalism, to bully and dicktate the poor world, American government find every excuse to fight the wars based on hat and oil millions of miles away, simi to hitler Germany, , one can see now hit was not bad just because he lost, , , america has now moral authority to just because they win the win the evil led wars with thier deadly weapons, just because america wins or intends to win brutally similat to gand or like a bull, does not mean the are right,, as the present american war is commanded by devil means, and lies, to dicktate the world, like mafia gangs, who alway kill other a autheritied for just to wim the hate based batles similar to bushes deadly wars, where americam gulabe patriotismoms and fathers divalue the worth of thier sons and daughter to die in Irak, and to kill innocent Irakis who are defending thier country, from the brutal american armywho dont have respest of american devilish and imoral accupation, Irakis are couragious, not to give evil american flowers, but to teach american moms and dads and president ,that dont cheapen your sons and daughter lives to sent them to die and , to kill irakis,, as long as americans stay in Irak, ther will be bloodshed, in irak by american in proxy and irakis will be blames to make and lieing excuse to stay in irak longer to make more blood shed, and get killed, <br />
Americans will do the same in america when ameri were accupied,, America does nor want democracy in Irak or else where, they desperatly need a pro american dictatos to supress the masses, similar to sadam, as americans helped sadam in 1980s <br />
americam and thier gang are gulable.