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I'm tired of the U.S. for MANY reasons, but as a CANADIAN, I am so SICK of people refering to the U.S. as AMERICA, guess what you are NOT America, you are PART of AMERICA, and I feel it is damn arrogant to equate the two terms; AMERICA does NOT equal the United States, PLEASE stop doing that!!
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You do understand that the full name is the United States of America? You do understand that there is no word like an United Statisian? United Statezian? United Statian? I can't even make up a word that sounds okay. <br />
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It's okay to rage a little bit, but you do sound like an idiot if you let this bother you. Most people have real problems to deal with. I have issues like dealing with dying people in an ER and an ambulance. I am also going to start volunteering as a victim's advocate for the court system for abused victims. Oh and in two weeks I am going to an MDA camp to volunteer to work with children.<br />
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I suggest you get out and do something with your life if this bothers you so much.

i never even knew there was a difference with calling america by usa or america!! thats so funny, im from ireland so its news to me...lol.... you americans can be so fussy!

I have "Canadian envy"....I'd like to disassociate myself from this government....and especially our healthcare system.

We are all just people and who cares that you as one Canadian think that America is just USA, ALL PEOPLE know Canada as a Kind, thoughtul country ALL PEOPLE we are so very fortunate in all aspects of life , healthcare, schools, fairness. Canadians are a loving group of people , who will help where they can and dont want to get in the middle ONLY so they can help when the dust settles.<br />
On your comment from another Canadian WHO CARES

I certainly don't call it America... I think it's a European thing. Or Australian. The Aussies seem to call it "The Americas." But, that's also true...I do live IN The Americas, but the U.S. is in America. So why can't I say that I live in America? I'd rather be more specific and say U.S. but both are true statements.

You wouldn't say you're a U.S. If people ask me where I am from, I say United States. If they ask me what I am, I would say American or Ohioian depending on whether I want to mess with them. I wouldn't expect a Canadian to say he or she is a Canada.

I'm a US citizen...but it doesn't make me happy with our politicians and many of the uneducated.

Really? You're complaining about the uneducated in the same sentence as a first grade mistake?

labyrinth, you make me giggle, thanks for my morning chuckle!!

lol - really? that is so funny!!! like any of us Americans really care what y'all think???!!?!?!?!<br />
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(I'm just kidding - we are a bit overbearing - it's true!!!)

I am a bit tired of America to my friend.