Takes One To Know One

I shouldn't hate people being something that i am myself.

Having said that, i think i'm a bit less than apathetic, i tend to empathise with things but i just cant d anything about them. it's different when people just outright don't give a s***. Sure you can't care about everything but caring about nothing makes you inhuman. I think it's people who could do something that don't care - a wise man once said "love of money is the root of all evil", and its those people who have the means to act, that don't, and that's the sad part, i think.

jiyuunatori jiyuunatori
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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

Its sad that people allow money to rule over everything, the common human cares about themselves more than friends despite what they say. Like the person will say they would gladly jump in front of a bullet for ___ but when the two people actually come face to face with the gun the person is much more likely to sacrifice their "beloved" friend before themselves. I don't feel much sorrow for most people mostly because i can't stand how very selfish the human race is (although it does bother me when people kill kids that are innocent, and hold the only innocence in the world out of the human race, i only feel bad for the potential of the kid, not the family) i mostly have pity for animals because they are so underestimated by humans and unless they are their pets, many people wouldnt give a **** for animals and even claim to hate them. People judge animals on how smart they are, well compared to most animals instincts and sincerity humans would the the dumbest of all the animal species. My my my humans must learn to see... not that most are deserving of it.