The Next Time Someone Tells Me I'm " Too Smart"... Or To " Stop Intellectualising "

I shall beat them over their understimulated craniums with my extensive library -and- DVD collection....

When did being erudite and aloof classify as a defect in a person? WHEN?
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Beautifully succinct as always my dear! Well said.

I'm tired of being surrounded by people who wear their anti-intellectualism as a badge of bride, their wilful ignorance deadens my spirit. It props up despotic regimes, corrupt governments and perpetuates bigotry.

...and besides that, it's a form of snobbery.

Totally agree, and it beats me how anyone can feel superior for not engaging their brain. Someone I know once said 'Intelligent people haven't got any common sense', an unintentionally hilarious statement.