I'm so sick and tired of apologizing for my body and the way I dress :p

Why can't a relatively thin girl with boobs wear tank tops and bikini tops without being judged as sexually promiscuous? It sickens me that I have to apologize for the body I inhabit. It sickens me that other girls hate me for how my body looks and how guys think they own me. But no, I won't hate myself because our crippled, power hungry society wants me to.

Okay tangent time.

I wish our race were more accepting. I know that whenever a being experiences the feeling of jealousy, it is because they are not aware that we are all one in this universe, they are insecure. We all have everything. Let me explain. Everything, from your phone to your dog to the man on the other side of the world that you will never physically meet, has one thing in common, it is all a part of you. I am a part of you, and likewise, you are a part of me. We are the same. We are the universe. We can never separate ourselves from the universe, it is impossible simply because we are the universe. Each of us exists to expand the universe's perspective. In a similar way, we have nothing because nothing carries over from one life to the next. It's also pointless to lament about what you do not possess because you can simply manifest it.

Okay, end rant, thank you if you made it this far :)
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Isn’t it interesting how you can take the same outfit and put it on two different girls and people respond differently? Now if you are a girl with curves you get sexualized. Why? Because most people are operating on a lower frequency of thinking.

Obviously from your second paragraph, spiritually you are on a higher level of thinking. You are not your body but something more.... You are not the shell you inhabit.

Be thankful that you are already 'thinking' about life at such a young age. Maybe you are an old soul in a new body and in conflict. As you grow older and mature you will get more comfortable with your shell and spirit and they will start to integrate more.

Thank you for your response! I'm still at a loss as to why I chose to come into this body, but I'm figuring out new things every day :) I need to meditate more ahaha I'll send you good vibes! :)