I think Christians that bash atheists that bash Christianity are audacious, hypocritical fools.

I am so sick and tired of Christians getting mad about others that criticize their "faith." This is all so ironic, since no religion has been more judgmental & vicious toward other faiths than has Christianity. How many Christian preachers have we heard tearing down Voodoo, for example. Yet how often do we hear of Voodooists raping children, or torturing and killing those that disagree with their faith? as did the Catholics and Protestants for hundreds of years. How many preachers have we heard chastising and warning others about "sin," while they steal from the church or rape children? "Just leave us alone!" some Christians say, and let us worship our god in peace, all along forgetting that it was their faith that inspired some of the most heinous--unspeakable--crimes, all in the name of their Christian god. Christianity is founded on one of the most ridiculous fables ever contrived by man. But don't dare question the veracity of that fable, because it's not politically correct! It's not nice for rational people to want to question the irrational, insane religious system of others! As long as a philosophy has a stamp on it marked, "Religion," it's okay apparently for that philosophy to promote the most inane absurdities and still expect others to stand by idly without daring to offer any rational objections. How dare atheists criticize the brutal tactics of the church in dealing with contrary religious opinions! How dare we atheists and logical thinkers question the sanctity of...the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus! or any other pagan source for their divinely ordained faith!

I've come to the solid conclusion that many people that are fervently religious suffer from some degree of mental illness, and those that aren't mentally ill are just plain dumb, or unlearned. And those Christians that resent atheists for "bashing" their insane faith are themselves audacious, hypocritical fools.

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I will be honest that I want to make friends, but I do not want to make friends that bash what I believe in. I am into read God's word. My favorite time a day is spending time with God. I love going to church. My dad was a Mennonite like higher level of Amish, so he taught us how to read the bible, how to pray,go church, live out our faith in God and follow the Holy Bible too. I praying for God to reach the lost and God is love. Satan is blinding the lost from God's truth, so I pray for the lost too. God bless you. Talk to you later.

So....you have a problem with people sticking up for what they believe in? Do you base all evils based on the person's beliefs? What do you say about the evils done by atheists then? Do you even KNOW anybody in the voodoo religion? Clearly, you don't understand what either Christianity OR Voodoo is about. The only inane ramblings I see are ones like yours, complaining about things they don't understand. Actually try reading the bible. Enlightenment is good for the soul.

You are so right! Man, I wish other people would see this light.

Hear, Hear! Glad you got all that out. You're right of course. I can't say I have any religious afiliation but I'm working on it I feel a need for a higher power. The reason I'm not a Christian is as you listed the hypocristy and unforgiving nature of Christians. They profess God is a loving God all the time they treat others with destain and disrespect.

wow. I totally agree. I have not met any atheists who "bashed my faith" or my right to believe as I do (or did when I was a christian) as much as finding MANY of the kind of christians that you so clearly explain...thank you.