Sometimes, I Just Wish Both Sides Would Stop And Respect Each Other's Beliefs...

Please. Stop it. It hurts. Don't let religion divide all of you. I am an agnostic, officially a Buddhist, but I'm just confused over all of this bashing... just stop it. To Christians... we are all God's children... God didn't tell you to judge people... He will judge them soon if He exists. To atheists... please stop attacking Christians. Sometimes, a good act may have bad after-effects too... if you push it too hard. I just see some atheists as arrogant, stuck-up people who enjoy attacking Christians just for the fun of it. Some Christians are the same too... I find them to be on the defensive side... but I've seen Christians... instead of giving a proper answer to my questions... attempt to convert me.

I stick true to my religion. I follow good, and try my best to shun evil. Don't you see? Religion is dividing you all... It's always good to have faith in God... but don't force it on other people who are unable to believe. As for the atheists... stop attacking them. Everyone thinks that they're enlightening the other side... but the truth is... they're corrupting each other. When can all of you people join hands regardless of what you believe in and sing in unity?

Everyone is missing the bigger picture of religion. Instead of focusing on its true purpose to guide us towards the light... you guys become more and more fixated on smaller things... like when and how the world was created, did humans evolve from apes and stuff like that... which is why I'm so confused about the true purpose of religion right now.

Religion's true aim, is to help us walk the path of good, I believe. No matter what religion... (except for deviant religions, of course) the message is still the same. "Be a good person. Do good deeds."

I believe that God is currently weeping at the state of humanity today. Seriously, does it hurt to put your differences aside and love each other..? Isn't that what God wants us to do..?

Please don't argue anymore in the comments section, please. I hope that you all can understand.
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2 Responses Oct 10, 2012

would you respect my beliefs if I condoned slavery and beating of slaves? scapegoating? bloodshed as a condition for forgivness? Torture? if not, then why should I respect theirs?
In Christianity, they sometimes teach that you should hate the sin and not the sinner. well I hate the belief but not the believer.

:) You made my day. Thanx