Let's Make a Deal

As soon as the Christian religion ends it's tactic of spreading ignorance (witnessing, converting the heathens, whatever you want to call it), us non-Christians will stop bashing them.  Once Christians end the One God Only God (therefore your religion is a lie) bigotry toward every other religion, we'll stop bashing them.  When the Catholic church stops "re-assigning" Priests who molest children rather than turn them over to authorities, we'll stop bashing.  When Christians stop blowing up abortion clinics or forming hate filled anti-gay rallies, we'll stop bashing them.  When Christians stop pushing PUBLIC schools to teach ignorance along side (or even in place of) science, we'll stop bashing them.  When Christians actually follow in the footsteps of Christ, discarding all material possessions, and spending their lives ministering God's love, tending to the poor and sick, fighting social injustices and championing religious tolerance, we'll stop bashing.


Have you ever noticed that people don't bash Tibetan Monks?  It's because their religion does no harm.  The same has cannot be said about Christianity.  From the crusades to the war on abortion, the Christian faith has committed more atrocities than any other religion save Islam (which is only minutely different from Christianity anyway). 

You people like to cry foul when persecuted, but turn a blind eye to your own history and prevelance of persecuting others.  Clean up your own backyard, then the bashing will cease.  Demand accountability from your religious leaders, then the bashing will cease.  Until then, I will continue to fight the evil which is the Christian faith with all of my efforts.

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Actually, the Bible is rife with orders to kill adulterers, gays, etc...

ACTUALLY, those that blow up abortion clinics and hold anti-gay rallies and molest children are not Christians. They're psychotic. There's a difference. People that kill are not Christians. Those who are prejudice and seek to hurt others are not Christians. The Bible does not say that it is okay to kill a person, as long as they aren't Christian. The Bible does not say that it's okay to harass or harm those who are gay or who do not follow in the footsteps of Christ. Those people are NOT Christians. I am not Christian either. I am Agnostic (before you make assumptions). I just think that it's unfair for you to say that Christianity is "evil" and "ignorance" when you're overlooking the fact that the idiots who do all of those things you mentioned are not, in fact, Christians. They're ignorant. As are you, if you honestly believe that Christianity supports violence.

People confuse Christianity with Catholicism. Catholicism is one branch of Christianity, and it's the one I think you have the real problem with. Protestants, on the other hand, are more open. They will support a woman if she chooses to have an abortion rather than throwing her out, for example.<br />
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PLEASE don't group all Christians together. We're not all homophobic, misogynistic people hellbent on converting the world to our religion. I love the fact that there are other religions in the world. I love that there are atheists in the world! It makes life so much better when we have such rich diversity, and I wouldn't dream of trying to change another person's beliefs.<br />
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Just...please...don't tie everyone into the same group...

Erm... is it considered "bashing" when the child victim of a paedophile priest grows up, then goes on to come out against the Church and the molestation it covered up? Is it "bashing" when the family of the murdered womens' clinic employee speaks out against the same Church for saying nothing, even quietly supporting, the "noble warrior" who took away their loved one? Is it immature moral superiority when the victim of some horrible debilitating injury or illness, that could otherwise one day be cured by stem cell research, rails against this Church for deeming their own quality of life to be less worthy than the preservation of nonsentinent medical waste? Zorbas, get your head out of your ***. And if you're going to play the part of the neutral "neither Atheist nor Christian", PLEASE make a better effort at the appearance of neutrality.<br />
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Christians don't just "bash" Atheists, or people of different faiths. They have a long standing history of making the lives of nonbelievers the Hell they so superstitiously fear themselves, as evidenced in examples you hear and read about daily. When was the last time you heard of an Atheist kicking in the door of a local house of worship and shooting up the place, on the grounds that minister was preaching against the right to choose? When was the last time you saw a group of Wiccan homosexuals picketing a traditional wedding on the grounds that the ceremony is noninclusive?<br />
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Christians are fortunate that all they get out of the debate is figurative bashing, and not the literal sort they hand out wholesale.

No comment!

LMAO and your hypocrisy! You are bashing both sides for bashing each other, and all the while trying to appear as if you're taking the high road. Your own superiorty complex is quite apparent in your scolding of us. Live and let live, huh? Then how bout you go back to your little corner of the room and STFU. Thanks. :)

I am neither a Christian nor am I an atheist but I cannot abide either of you sacrosanct , self important species bashing anyone. If you wholly believe in your tenets you should be strong enough to simply ignore the bleating of others. <br />
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Your bashings, rantings are a sure sign that you are insecure in your beliefs and wish to demonstrate to the world of your commitment iby this offensive behavior. <br />
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It does nothing more than show your complete lack of self esteem and makes your cause ludicrousness in the eyes of others.<br />
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Your arguments consequently lack any appeal and wouldn't convince anyone to embrace your beliefs if that is your goal.. You are badly in need of some self control and a little more maturity.