It's Always Her.

Okay, his mother had shoulder surgery about EIGHT months ago.  He told me that she'd be out of work and couldn't drive for no more than three months.  After she had that surgery, he was her personal chauffer for about six months.  They went everywhere together.  When he goes out with her, he can't text me because he's got to drive.  He can't call me because he doesn't want her  listening in.

Now, you'd think she'd go back to work, right?? NOPE!  She's planning on getting the other side done now!  I know he has been paying her half of the bills all this time, but he won't admit that to me.  He keeps saying that he works so many hours for "US" but the money goes towards "THEM."  I am an outsider.  He and his mother are the married couple.

Anytime he gets days off from work, for what reason I do not know, she makes hiim go EVERYWHERE ALL OVER TOWN with her.  He cannot rest on his days off, and more importantly, we can't have that time to talk.  He had a doctor's appt at 3 PM, his time, in a town that is an hour away.  Of course, she had to go.  When she goes, they end up at some ******* mall for HOURS.  When neither of them have that kind of money to spend.  They walk from store to store, never buying ****.  Then, they go out to dinner.

I look forward to his days off because that means I can talk to him earlier, when I'm not entirely cranky and tired.  But, nope, mommy wants to go all over snow country.

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3 Responses Dec 4, 2009

I can imagine her going with us everywhere. Maybe she'll coach us at sex??

At the moment I am not. I hope it is not like this if I go up there on vacation.

I don't care about him doing this occasionally, but this is EVERY time he is off. I am such an outsider in his life and I get no attention from him, ever. He's either out with her or at work. She is perfectly capable of doing things for herself at this point.