The Shame Belongs With Them Not Me.

I don't want to sound righteous and above gods questioning, i'm not perfect and claim to be. most people say to me you are too genuine , too honest, too loyal etc,

but forgive me god for this, but I really hope my in-laws who have persicuited me and abused me with sex abuse, and satanic ritual abuse suffer for there actions. censer is correct on these matters if not jail. shame on them for mocking and making fun of me being abused. how low is low?
its just so unbecoming, distasteful and truely below the belt.

"may god condem your souls to eternal hell take what you have done to me to your grave. i was only a little girl of 4 being confronted with mens genitals and sex and *******. its just not right to mock that - it isn't funny in anyone's language. - and I may have got confused in the muddle of it all what was play and games and what was sexual curiosity, but when i did understand it was not quiet morally right and questioned in my mind why was it such a secret game. I am not the guilty party here you scum. my mild mistakes are under 9 years of ages. wht's yours, before you point the finger? look at what you did to me first and you were adults.
own your own shame.stop abusing me
lilharajuku lilharajuku
36-40, F
Jul 21, 2010