I Am Tired To Be Along

I  just will like to meet somebody to share nice time,
somedoy to respect, to take care of, to love,
somebody that pass allready that part of his life being a Yigolo,
somebody mature.
I am tired to deal with unfaithfull, lies, no respect, I want to live the
rest of my life enyoing good things in life, with somebody honest.broken heart
gobando69 gobando69
2 Responses May 31, 2010

I am feeling the same most of the time, just tired of all the bulls..t why cant it just happen, withiut all the complicated aspects of life. Life is to short for all this crap.

And you should, how dont know I have my own problem with being alone and am tired of it, am working on it but freinds today are not what I call freinds and I suppose that is me. But Im here if you need.