Alone And Feeling Used.

I spend alot of my free time alone...Mostly always. But I do have friends. Or at least they say we are friends. They always say i should come out with them, go to the bar with them, go to movies all that, but when it comes to the time they go out i never get an invite. And later I find out they went. It makes me feel awful. The only time i ever get invited some where is when they need a ride to where ever. I have one friend who I talk to all the time but I'm afraid thats going to change seeing as in about 3 months she'll have a baby. It wasn't always like this. Started about 1 year ago when one "friend" decided I embarrass her to much to go out with and that I don't know the people she hangs out with even though those are the same people I had been hanging around wih for the past 3 years with her. We met them at the same time. I just don't understand what happened. I never changed who I was so why was I so embarrassing all of a sudden. Either way that basically lost me everyone I know and I'm shy. I don't make friends easily. I relied on my friends as a way of meeting people. Now I spend my time alone at home.

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I've always been bad at making friends, especially since I'm naturally introverted. In college, I didn't go out that much, but I knew some people who did. Sometimes they'd invite me but to be honest I didn't enjoy it that much, so they stopped inviting me. Of course, when I was home alone doing jack squat, I wanted to be out there "having fun" even though I wouldn't have really enjoyed it. It's a double-sided coin, that.<br />
<br />
Anyway, now that I'm much older, I've noticed that I get along with people much better when I am just doing things that I enjoy. So my advice to you is to try to find some activities that involve other people and just focus on the activity. Once you lose yourself in what you're doing, you're more approachable and likely meet new people and befriend them.

Thats exactly it. And knowing that the people I use to hang with are all<br />
out having a good time while I sit at home wishing I had something to do. It's an awful feeling

Yeah, it's diffficult when you are extremely shy, and don't have the social network of friends to introduce you to new people. If it wasn't for my 2 year old son, I'd have nobody to talk to in person. The only people I can discuss anything with are all online, most of them in different countries. I can't stand feeling so isolated in a world filled with billions of people.