Lonley And Tired Of It!

I have no real friends only people i talk to everynow and then. I have 2 kids (im 28) so i dont go out as much..dont really have a social life. I cant seem to find a good man and have not had sex in 7 years. How stressful and frustrating! I just need some loving i am so lonely. Its sad that i never want my kids to go with their dad or to my moms house cause i dont want to be left alone doing nothing!! Im know im attractive, fun to be around, smart and very open minded but cant seem to find any good friends or boyfriends...My kids are my life i love them very much.. But im still young and wish i could have some good times to look back on but my life is so boring and being alone is no fun :(
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I agree with you, HudsonJung. Being desperate is something people can spot a mile away. Not focusing on finding the right somebody and just trying to go out there to have fun and enjoy your life is probably the best way to meet somebody. You're more attractive when you're just enjoying life 'cause people see you and want to join your fun.

I wish I could be there for you. I feel the same way. I have no answers or advice, just thought I would tell you I feel the same way and throw in my support for you

Greetings, how are you today? I'm not trying to be a jerk, but..... From my own experiance trying to find someone just doesn't work. The cheezy part of this is that if you can't find yourself you are going to find it harder to find someone else. It appears you have a positive out look on yourself and life in general. Try just enjoying yourself, your kids, your health and life. The rest will fall into place. When you're so busy enjoying yourself, you'll find that there are others around you, you didn't noticed before. Sometimes take some chances. There may be a guy at work who is looking for you, if you don't try you'll never know.

It is a very sad situation to be in and nobody on Mother Earth must feel lonely ! Before you were married and had kids, did you have any hobbies or did you part-take in any sporting activities as a youngster!......... when I feel lonely, I will either go for long relaxing walks or go and hang-out on some isolated beach doing some sketching or surfing ...... A good way to meet other people is by joining some craft or hobby club in your local area ! maybe you can even try joining a walking clua and through this you will meet people and get fit and healthy by enjoying the outdoors! .....Best of luck and I hope that you will find someone soon ..... Contact me anytime if you want to chat ...... Stay happy with the Aloha spirit.