Why Am I So Unlucky In Love?

The chase never exist in my dictionary.. at first in my younger years, I initiated the chase discreetly and once the guys took noticed, they fancied me for a while and then they moved on. The other guy who really liked me and chased me did not impressed me. These seemed to be some repeating patterns since then vise versa. And when I stopped the chase, I ended up married someone totally wrong for me and we got divorced years later for that matter. Now I started the chase openly able to select better ones this time (from kissing many frogs) and found one and still he is not willing to be caught?? So no matter how my approaches, chasing or not I will never get to find my better half. What is wrong with me? Finally I decided to stop chasing and not hoping just mute myself and keep praying. How pathetic can that be? I envied those who have been caught after the chased and those who caught whom they chased... I wonder when is my turn? I am just tired. It is no fun to grow old alone.
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getting married is not that u r lucky ,nor even getting a person whom u like .am a married to a person who love me to a great extent problem is i respect him but not able to love him as i always loved someone.its a great pain of cheating him . as my heart is not able to accept him . i feel hell when i look into his eyes.see i was not dare enough to say my dad so am spoiling his and my life.so i feel u all as lucky than me.

i always seem to meet the loser women out there, especially that many of them nowadays have a very serious attitude problem. many women today are very nasty to us good straight men that are trying to start a normal conversation with them. i even had a woman threaten to call the police on me, when i was trying to get to know her. that just shows me how many women today that have become so very unfriendly, and are very extremely hard to meet. i can't blame myself, since i did not do anything wrong on my part. and coming out of a divorce for me is very hard now that i am alone and single again. it was bad enough that my wife cheated on me after being with her for almost twenty years, and i was a very good husband that loved her so very much. i always had hoped that i was going to have a family with her too, and i was very much the one woman man as well. i wish that we had much better places for us single men out there now to meet a good woman, but there are not that many places to go too anymore.

I have always been unlucky when it comes to women & love. I know I'm only 22 & have my whole life ahead of me but yeah every time I start talking to new girls & women in my life they are always in a relationship or only want me for sex!! DAMN

no one is unlucky at all that all about the time , when the rite time will arrive things will fall in place you just trust nd believe in urself, dnt run after anyone

hai,i'm also in same condition but a bit more pityful.i'm 28 year old.already i've more than 14 relationships and same no.of break ups.but recently i'm in love with a boy of younger ageand determined to marry him,but at the last moment we departed(due to the influence of some external forces)after that i'll become a dead person,eventhough i'm alive and i'm thank ful to god almightyand my friends to give me such a pleasant surprise

You are not alone i am in the same boat with you, i have a son but seem like i will grow old alone, every time i meet someone something happens that i have to be dumped, most men who i meet are married and i will never date a married man, the one met has a gal poor me, wonder what is wrong with me?

I am 28, not sure why no one likes me :/ Why i always fall in one sided love and it hurts badly to see the one you love going to someone else . It feels like being stabbed at heart , i wish to die that moment but my luck, i cant even do that.!

I am alone too, Why I do not know. Communicating seems so difficult. To clearly say what one means is not so easy. Looking and evaluating others? Are they good or bad for us? So difficult to find the answer.<br />
It takes two to communicate so we must try to stay open. Try to express our-selves and understand others.

join the club baby :(

why am i so unlucky in love????? i am in my 40 and i never once gotten married...when i do meet a guy he just want to have sex with me in a public parking lot. or i find out through a cop that the guy is a sex offender.. so when i am out in public i see couples it breaks my heart..i dont want to grow old but it looks like i am and it is hard to be alone..

Being married is no indication of having a happy or even non-alone life.... Believe me there are unfortunately all too many of us in this boat... Looking for solutions..

It is better to wait & meet the right guy than get some S O B . I wish that I could find some Lady special to share with, spoil, give bubble baths, talk & listen to, walks on the beach hand in hand, cuddle with, we could give each other massages, Love Her with all my Heart & Suol

hello it is know fun to grow old and alone bye one self .it can be very hard at time on us . but dont give up some where out there in his big old world .there someone who is in the same boat as you are .who is lonely and just went to be love by someone like you .but dont give up alot of time you find some out of the blue and thing will chance . they to say that it does get hard to find some as we get older but that does not mind we cant find the thing we seek .. good luke and hughs for you just dont give up on it.