Tired And Confused

I am divorced (4 years now) and I have had 2 boyfriends during this time. The one I am now, he works a lot. Actually we live an Internet-based relationship because we live in different countries. We are in love now for 10 months and we have met for 5 times (14 days together in each time most likely). He knows my family and I know his family. His sister love me and my brother appreciate him. We have much in common despite some differences, but of course nothing is perfect. I love him but I know he betrayed when we were 6 months together. Of course I will never believe in him 100% again, but I know he is only with me now. The problem is: I want to have a life together but I think he is not ready. He is the owner of a transportation company and every problem that happens it can be solved only by himself, so his life turns around his company. He said to me he wants to change this situation because he thinks he has worked his whole life for nothing, of course now he wants to have time for his private life and he can not find this time. He said he wants to change but he does not see HOW and I don't feel I can wait any longer... I feel very lonely about the circumstances of our relationship and I could move myself to be closer to him, but he makes no effort to help me and he speaks quite a few about it... so I think maybe his love is not enough to bear a decision like this. I can not understand why because he always makes me wonderful surprises, he sends me flowers every month in our jubilee, he came 2 times to visit me with no advanced notice (and they were very good surprises)! He is always present and gives me attention all the time in the Internet, so he is always there to me, but I do not know what he will decide because I do not know how he will handle the situation about his work. He has worked 20 years in this company, everything he did by himself, he put his life on it and he has a 23y.o.son he must look about his future... I am very confused on what to do, what decision to take because I could accept another person who loves me and he is waiting for me to come and live with him... I have also feelings for this one and I am sure my feelings could grow but I love my boyfriend... but also I don't want to wait anymore...What should I do?
Feb 6, 2011