I Miss.....

I miss being able to wrap my arms around a soft, warm, beautiful woman and lay my head on her belly and soak in the cosmic light and love she radiates. The only thing that makes the world right. I have fulfilled my purpose in this universe and without purpose there is nothing left but riding along watching the scenery. So many people go through life without understanding, there are no true rewards because the rewards are fleeting and only yours for a limited time. I will be glad when ride ends but there is 1/3 tank of gas and the camera still has film left with hundreds miles to go with no escape or oasis in site. I guess I will go for a walk.............
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I would give anything to be in the arms of a man who would love and make love to me. Not meant to be (for me) in this lifetime.

I miss it too but i don't want the kind of relationship were it's all my fault and etc , when it's exactly the opposite, I sacrifice everything and because of that you make me weak and unworthy of having you .Was I really weak for trying my best to show how much I loved her ? Loving truly makes you weak and unworthy ?

Just got out of a relationship.. I was actually so alone ..in that relationship..like standing in a big open field... great story..thanks for sharing .

Thank You for the wonderful comments. I feel better just reading them.

There may be more to your life's purpose.

Life being strange sometimes, who knows maybe I’m the one waiting for your arms cuddling...Oh well ;)

beautifully expressed, i love it....