Lonliness Is Killing Me

I have seperated for almost 4 years now...My wife fell out of love with me and found someone else...We discussed divorce when we were still talking...but I havent spoke with her in over 2 years....I have got over her but just dont know how to reach her to get this divorce thing taking care of....With that being said...I have been searching for somone for a long time time...I miss the feeling of being wanted and loved...I've tried dating sights...No luck there...I'm not into the bar and clubs either....I know what to do as how to talk to a lady and tried several times to..I have met several ladies in my search to cure this lonliness but nothing has panned out..I'm not the kind of person who searches for a one night stand, I'm just one who is searching for that connection, if you know what I'm talking about...I am just tired of searching for that special somone...I wish I could find her though.....
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I was married and got divorced. Before my divorced was completed I had found a man. What I'm saying sometimes what we think we want is a person is not possible to find.My man is short,white,and a little overweight. We have been dating for 3yrs now and love each other to death but he would not have been the man I would have went out looking for he is just the opposite.

We're in the same boat.<br />
<br />
Wish you get better luck finding someone. :)

Things that we really want to get are usually the hardest to .. so keep your hopes and just keep searching, because what you seek is something good, believe me it's gonna be hard to get it .. but things are usually as good as they were hard to get .. so the harder your search becomes, and the longer you feel missing that someone, the more good she will turn out to be .. <br />
But I'd also say you need to get closure with your wife, coz even if you think it's over, maybe subconsciously you are still attached to her somehow, so get this divorce done and don't forget to ask her what made her drop out of love with you, coz as hard as it may sound, in any problem, it's never completely the fault of only one person .. the other usually shares even a slight responsibility and that one you are looking for deserves that you don't repeat that mistake and lose her again .. get your self together and let me say this; the ones who we end up separated from were never the ones we are meant to spend our whole life with :)<br />
Hope my words weren't harsh and they actually, somehow, helped you.