I am fine being alone most of the times. Not that I am a loner or what ( someone once told me I was one and I swear I feel like snapping her head). I am always alone but I have never felt alone. That doesn't make me a pathetic loner. hehe. At least I am much better than someone people who can never let themselves be seen alone, they must have someone accompanying them if not they wouldn't go the place they plan to go. I hate people like that! If I have made my mind to do something, and if I have to do it alone, I will. And if I wanna go someplace my friends don't wish to go, I will go. It's not like someone has to be my nanny all the time right? And sometimes, aloneness is good for your mental health. It help soothe pains.
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Agreed, nicely said. Happiness is something people have get to make themselves, nobody else can! ^^